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WATCH NOW: “Phantom Pain” by VICTORIA


VICTORIA released her fourth potential song for Eurovision 2021 “Phantom Pain”. The track is part of her upcoming EP “a little dramatic” and could be described as the most dramatic song from the album.

VICTORIA about “Phantom Pain”: “The song is part of the final phase of “a little dramatic” and it tells a painful story. This fatal tale could be too much for some people but when we release “The Funeral Song” tomorrow, it will all make sense. Both songs are connected and are quite different from “Imaginary Friend” and “Dive into Unknown”. I can say “Phantom Pain” is one of my favorite songs from my first EP.

“Phantom Pain” was written by VICTORIA  and the Swedish songwriters and music producers Helena Larsson, and Oliver Björkvall. The Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra was also involved the final arrangement of “Phantom Pain”, as well as “Growing Up is Getting Old” and “The Funeral Song”. The Bulgarian artist says she had a key role in the songwriting process of all 6 potential Eurovision 2021 entries for Bulgaria.

Yesterday, VICTORIA presented “Dive into Unknown” – the song written by the team behind “Tears Getting Sober”. The song became an instant favourite for her fans.

On Wednesday and Thursday, VICTORIA will release her final 2 songs from “a little dramatic”. “Growing Up is Getting Old” and “The Funeral Song” will be premiered first on Eurovision.icard.com and VICTORIA’s official YouTube Channel.

The Eurovision Bulgaria project in 2020 and 2021 is a public–private partnership between the Bulgarian National Television and Ligna Group. Bulgaria's participation in Rotterdam is supported by the fintech company iCard - official sponsor of VICTORIA and Eurovision Bulgaria.  

The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will take place on 18, 20 and 22 May in Rotterdam. Bulgaria will take part in the second semi-final on 20 May.  

You can find updates about the Bulgarian participation at Eurovision via iCard Eurovision Bulgaria’s social media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube. 


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